New Year, New Talk.

Forget Resolutions and think Growth

I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog for some time, I chewed over it and made cases for both sides. Over the Holiday it dawned on me, that I wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) do a Blog for my own reasons, but for others. A true Holiday epiphany. My only real goal is to impart some traditional and not so traditional advice and techniques to make Public Speaking seem less daunting. Feel free to get in touch and offer me any pointers or tips. I’ll be honest, I need all I can get.

We are comfortably into the New Year now, the romance and novelty has worn off and we are all back to work. Simply put, the ‘New Year, new me’ hashtags and gym photos are getting less and less frequent…

Resolutions are pretty much useless nowadays. less than 10% of people who set a New Year’s resolution actually make it through the year. So we at Lib-Orator are going about things a different way. Sufficed to say we haven’t jumped on the band wagon.

When I hear the word resolution I think of punishment and suffering. like eating less chocolate or going to the gym more. I don’t immediately think of self improvement or growth. So here is the proposition:

Make yourself uncomfortable. We grow from the uncomfortable and stressful. Put yourself in public situations that make you want to shy away from the moment. I don’t mean go naked at your local swimming pool (that’s just asking for trouble). What it means is that you should speak to strangers on the train, in queues, in the super market. Anywhere you are, so are strangers; people you haven’t met yet.

– Ask that guy on the morning commute if he wouldn’t mind giving you the sports pages.

– Strike up conversation with the person in the queue next to you.

– Someone at work, the hairdressers, the florists, your postman, or the gym (providing your  New Years ‘Gym Resolution’ is still standing).

Ask them how their weekend was, what they have coming up, etc. My best piece of advice for anyone attempting this is to BE OBSERVANT. A lot of the time you can find a conversation starter or opener just by looking at what someone is doing. For example, a person reading Game of Thrones on the train… Easy prey!

The goal here is to learn and grow from it. Anyone who is of little to no relation is ideal. The more awkward the better. There’s more benefit to be had. Speaking Publicly is awkward, it’s exposing and it is also a terrifying event for over half of the UK and US. Glossophobia gets ranked above spiders and fire a lot of the time. Odd, I know.

So here is your takeaway:

Make peace with the awkward vulnerability you feel. Understand that being told ‘no’ or ‘I’m busy’ isn’t the end of the world. Whether you strike up a conversation or strike out. You are improving.



Author: Will

Hi, I'm Will. Founder and Lead Coach at Lib-Orator, a public speaking and sales training specialist.

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