The Importance of Being Somewhat Earnest

Bringing the Right Level of Intensity

Warren Buffett, one of the greatest investors and financial oracles of all time once said;

“Intensity is the price of excellence”

If you want to deliver the best speech or presentation, then you have to pay some amount of yourself into the thing you are creating. Not surprisingly, the more you put in, the better the end product will be.

Crafting a great speech or presentation requires time and thought. The same goes for your overall ability as a public speaker. Adapting, refining and perfecting your style becomes second nature once you have committed time and resources to pursuing  constant progress and excellence.

If I was to make a dovetail joint out of wood, at the same level of speed and workmanship as a veteran carpenter. I would not be able to achieve the same results. The carpenter after all has spent countless hours practicing and learning his craft. This focus and intensity must be the same when attempting to achieve anything in the realm of ‘excellent’; be it carpentry, music, athletics or public speaking.

To take intensity into a further area of public speaking. Your delivery and presence when presenting is also predicated by your intensity. As a motivational speaker delivering an intervention, you want to be insane in your level of intensity. because you want to engage your audience and have them feed off of the energy you are emanating.

Conversely, delivering a presentation in a meeting or any professional capacity, requires a lot less intensity. In a work environment, your intensity should be in overdrive when you are preparing and polishing your product. That way, your intensity is built into your final product. Your work will speak for itself, as a reflection of your efforts and ability.

Gauging where to be on the ‘intensity meter’ can be difficult sometimes. In my mind, whenever I take to a stage, I look for ‘tells’. An audience who applauds and whistles your arrival on stage, indicates my intensity and interaction with the audience needs to increase. Any professional or office related engagements will usually be guided by the topic i.e. your company’s ‘Third Quarter Financial Report’. This in’t going to be like the Comedy Store on a Friday night, however the presenter will (might) be enthusiastic and professional in delivering the presentation. But like we mentioned, that intensity and energy should have been coarsing through every slide and every word of his or her work.

As the title of the article says, being earnest is important. But, by how much is the question. In preparation and practice. Be 100% earnest; with yourself and your work. Do not cut corners or brush minor details aside. Every nut and bolt of your final rendition must be properly worked, otherwise the larger aspects will be jeopardised. Put your all into a project and it will show, not only to your audience and peers, but your ability to give and potentially provide in the future will show too. And remember, if you are genuinely passionate about it, people will sense your intensity and energy.

Focus on what you want to speak on. Lose yourself with plans and ideas. Put intensity and passion into the work. If you can stand back and look at finished work with satisfaction and strong pride. Then you have given your all to every detail.


Author: Will

Hi, I'm Will. Founder and Lead Coach at Lib-Orator, a public speaking and sales training specialist.

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