Perfect Speakers Don’t Exist

Why Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect…

People seek perfection like they seek happiness. They are both mistaken as an ‘end state’, embodied in phrases like”I’ll be happy once…”. While it is correct to some degree that I will be happy once Monday is over. I shouldn’t forget that I should be happy throughout the day also. The Journey through something should yield happiness, not just the end state. This is just as true of ‘perfection’; If you desire it as an ‘end state’, I assure you that you will never have it. Why? I hear you ask…

Practice doesn’t make perfect. It makes permanent. To be great at an anything you endeavour upon, you have to practice. This is true of most things in life, public speaking is one those. The art of practice is to progress to a critical point whereby your results are as a consistent as can be, every time.

Take tenpin bowling for example, the perfect game is a total score of 300. People have achieved this. Through practice. For someone who has never bowled a ball before it would be extremely difficult to achieve. Golf on the other hand also has a ‘perfect round’. 18 strokes would yield you the perfect game. It has never been done and will never be done. But pro-golfers spend hours on the range and practice ground, being coached and exercised so they can achieve the best performance.

I see public speaking like golf. The end state of perfection is something these two disciplines do not have. Not to ruin your dreams. But what you are aiming for is consistency and accuracy. Both skills you require in order to be great. So when aiming for the perfect speech or golf round, aim to deliver the best. Consistency and accuracy will help you give your audience (scorecard) just that.

Your goal is to make YOUR speaking style the best it can be. That in it’s own right is perfect. As you have learnt who you are and developed yourself to a state of consistent excellence in a discipline. Great people always recognise where they can improve, then take action!

In Golf, a hole in one is the best score you can achieve. In speaking a performance can be perfect. But not the speaker, nor the golfer. But never stop aiming for a hole in one every time…



Author: Will

Hi, I'm Will. Founder and Lead Coach at Lib-Orator, a public speaking and sales training specialist.

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