Chasing Confidence

How Do You Tame The Beast?

Confidence is something you either have or you don’t right? You always see people going about their day or doing a certain activity with strong self belief and a ‘never say die’ attitude.

Everyone falls prey to this self doubting psychology occasionally. I can truthfully say, that I am one of those people. Truth is, that person is good at that, because they have rationalised the various nuances that make up a certain activity. Simply, it is knowing your safe space/bubble. Understanding where your left and right are and embracing the fact that you can only have a certain amount of control.

Knowing your subject should in-still confidence. Knowing your presentation piece should inspire confidence (Perfect Speakers Don’t Exist). Developing your speaking style so your safe space or bubble is reassuring and consistent. All of these things help raise the level of control you can have. Control is what gives you confidence. If you feel in control, it fuels your confidence.

Pack your own parachute and jump out of a plane. What control do you have? You can control the parachutes chances of opening and directly control the level of confidence you have in that parachute it’s ability to keep you alive. If you have never packed a parachute, I doubt you will be feeling confident as you jump out of the plane. The more parachutes you pack, the more control and confidence you can possess.

Confidence doesn’t grow in the background like your 401k or pension. You have to actively work at it. Speak publicly in order to grow from each exposure.

We live in a world of instant gratification, where our needs for information and results are fed to us instantly. This mindset doesn’t aid in nurturing and developing soft skills. Everyone can be impatient at times. Being mindful, and recognising these moments can help you master anything your heart desires. If you know you are terrible at eating healthily, you would aim to organise a meal plan so you avoid distraction and temptation. Mindfulness is a key skill in many aspects of life, public speaking included.

Public Speaking is an art. Like all arts, it never gets easier. You just get better.


Author: Will

Hi, I'm Will. Founder and Lead Coach at Lib-Orator, a public speaking and sales training specialist.

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